About Us

About Us

The owners and directors of 111Direct Ltd have been in the health, wellness and supplement business for over 30 years. So unlike most CBD Oil sellers we are not ‘new kids on the block’. We have always spent a lot of time researching a health product to make sure the one we choose is the best on the planet. There is no need to settle for less than the best if you want a long term business, with products that work and a customer base that will stay with you for life. From a business perspective there is no point in ‘one off sales’, we want you to keep buying from us.

We cautiously entered the CBD market because of the controversy surrounding Cannabis. We were also wary of cheap suppliers. There is a lot of weak ineffective cheap CBD in the market today. We will not be a part of that and can assure you upmost integrity with quality CBD at a reasonable price. Come join the family,,, buy 111Direct CBD and you’ll never be disappointed.

111Direct Ltd, the first choice for CBD for those who insist on the best. Our reputation as the UK’s leading supplier for the best quality CBD is growing daily. You don’t need a large budget for the highest quality products now that you have found 111Direct.

Our guarantee is simple – if we (the owners) don’t take it ourselves and give it to our families… we won’t sell it to YOU.

Our CBD is…

Full Spectrum 




100% Natural 

Lab Tested 



Won’t get you high 

Competitively priced

Expert Advice: If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We LOVE talking to our customers, especially when they call back telling us excitedly about their results. Click here for contact details.

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